When and where is the super bowl 2020 played?

The super bowl or super bowl of the year 2020 is played next Sunday, February 2 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Every year when February arrives, we have what is known as the super Sunday, that day the NFL final is played between the winner of the AFC and the winner of the NFC, both arrive at a unique match called superbowl where the NFL champion of the season.

This year it was Miami’s turn, artists Shakira and Jennifer L√≥pez will be in charge of animating the 2020 superbowl halftime show.

The Hard Rock Stadium is the home of the Miami Dolphins of the NFL, is located in an area known as Miami Gardens, in the northern area of Miami in the state of Florida.

What day is the superbowl 2020 played?

What day and at what time is the 2020 super bowl played in Miami?

When is the 2020 Super Bowl played and what teams do they play?

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